What To Do if You’ve lost your only Car key

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Blog

Losing your car keys is never a pleasant experience and in the panic of the moment we might not be able to think rationally about the next steps to take. After taking thousands of calls from people who have lost their car keys, we have put together a step-by-step guide to use in the unfortunate circumstance of losing your only car keys. 

1 – Remain calm

Do not panic. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed by the idea of losing your car key and have the urge to panic first, think later. We get a lot of calls at SmartTech Locksmiths of people who have lost their key and when asked how long they have looked for the key the response is for only 1 hour. Unless you desperately need your vehicle and are completely stranded or you believe your key has been stolen or lost in a place where it is an immediate security threat, we always recommend searching for at least 1-2 days before calling a professional auto locksmith to arrange a car key replacement service.

2 – Social media can be a useful tool  

In the search for your lost key, use the power of social media. We recommend looking on local neighbourhood groups and local dog walker pages to the town/area you lost your key and seeing if someone has picked it up. Oftentimes we hear stories of people finding keys and posting on facebook groups to see if the owners will respond to reclaim their car keys. Make sure to call every premises you were in and be patient to wait until they open if you went out to a nightclub or bar and are believed to have lost it there. 

3 – Call an auto locksmith/car dealer for a quote

If you have searched for the keys for more than 1-2 days and cannot find them now is a reasonable time to enquire for a replacement. To regain use of your vehicle and obtain a new set of keys, call a licensed mobile auto locksmith to have your keys made onsite and save money on additional recovery costs. We also recommend calling the main car dealer to ask about their price quotes before calling an auto locksmith so you have an understanding and contrast of price. This is important as keys can be extremely expensive from the dealer and the savings in cost by using a professional mobile car key cutting service are astronomical.

4  – Check whether you have added key cover on your insurance.

There are some key points to watch out for when it comes to key cover with insurance companies, as the small print will catch you out if not careful. Surprisingly, we hear currently that a number of insurance companies are now only providing cover for door locks and not actually car keys under their key cover agreements. How misleading and annoying is that? The next big thing to keep in mind is how much your excess agreement is. If the key cover is part of your full policy and not an additional extra, some insurance companies will require you to pay your full excess. The average excess for car owners is in the region of £300-£400. Do keep this in mind as your excess costs can be double the cost of the car key replacement from the professional auto locksmith.

5 – If all else fails, book a professional car locksmith

Once you have all the facts it’s time to book in with a professional car locksmith and have them come and provide a mobile car key cutting service for you. They will come to your location with all the necessary tools for whatever car key you need replacing. Using their mobile workshop built into the back of their van with extensive stock, if you have called a true professional you will be back on the road in no time, often within the same day and if not the next day.

To book in with one our professional auto locksmiths click here to book or call 07535 856003 and one of friendly operators will be more than happy to help.


6 – What you can do to prevent this from happening again

Once you have your new key, the first thing we recommend doing is purchasing a large key ring in a vibrant colour of your choice and also investing in an Apple Air-tag if using an iphone, or other keyring GPS tags available if your phone is an Android product. These factors will drastically help decrease your chances of losing your car keys again.